US, China support Modi's 'International Yoga Day'!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for an international Yoga day got a major boost with as many as fifty countries including China supporting the idea. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in his United Nations General Assembly speech, called for an International Yoga Day. On his call, as many as fifty nations including China, Canada, and the US, have signed up for co-sponsorship of a draft resolution which India's UN mission is preparing for declaring June 21 as international Yoga day.

It will be handed over to the UN secretariat for approval once complete. The Indian government is looking to push for its adoption before the end of this year.

Yoga, a technique for physical, mental, and spiritual well being, is India's most significant export to the world. PM Modi is doing well to make the most of this cultural spread across the world.

Some of the powerful Asian and African countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, South Africa and our neighbours like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka were amongst the earliest to sign on. Even the Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina have promised to support.

The EU members are also expected to join as co-sponsors. If it sails through this would be one of the greatest achievements of the Narendra Modi government.