Gujarat To Launch English Teaching Software For SC Students.

The Gujarat government has launched a new initiative that will benefit students from the Schedule Caste Community to polish their English language skills and get an edge in the job market. The state government is installing a special English language software in state-run Ideal Residential Schools. Students can themselves operate it without any help or instructors.

Under the aegis of Directorate of Schedule Caste Welfare of Gujarat government, the software will be installed in all the state-run 20 Residential Schools across Gujarat meant for the students coming from SC community. The Deputy Director of SC Welfare P R Tank has said thet the software will be installed in all these schools by the end of March next year. He further said that poor English is keeping these students behind those studying in city-based schools. "Majority of our students come from villages, where they have acquired primary education. Thus, it is natural that their communicative English is weak as compared to those who studied in city based schools. To cope up with the situation, we have decided to develop a specialised software to teach them English and make them more confident," said Tank.